Mutual Action Plan for


Create a centralized hub to collaborate with your prospective buyers to improve the buying experience.

How We Can Help

Remove the friction in your buying process and shorten your sales cycle.

4 Steps to Increase Conversion

Collaborate with your buyers and integrate your Salesforce for a more streamlined workflow.


Create A Plan

Create one from our template libraries or customize your own. Add milestones, tasks, and case studies.


Share With Buyers

Share and collaborate with buyers to demonstrate your committment to providing the best buying experience.


Track Engagement

Spend your time with stakeholders that have the highest Kassa score based on comments, views, and overall engagement.


Increase Conversion

Take your buyers through the entire onboarding and implementation process from prospect to customer.

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Increase Win Rates

Show your buyers how to buy and provide them with a seamless onboarding experience.

Cockpit for Deals

Centralize all of your documents, call summaries, milestones, and tasks, so that you can align all stakeholders.

Powerful Analytics

Identify which stakeholders are the most serious and which deals are at risk. Track opens, shares, viewing time, and engagement without ever asking your buyer to create an account.

3x your close rate by introducing a Mutual Action Plan

Remove the friction from your buying process. Let us show you how.

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